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How To Respond To Reviews About Your Roofing Business

Every roofing company owner knows that online reviews come with the territory. At some point along the way, you may receive a negative review that will be hard to read, hard to take and can hurt your businesses reputation and sales. Positive reviews, on the other hand, help your business and give you a better sense of your company's overall health.

Responding to positive and negative reviews gives you an opportunity to tell the whole story and reveal more about your company culture. Responding to positive reviews is a lot easier than responding to a bad review of a disgruntled customer. Right? Either one, positive or negative, you still need to make sure you are responding in a way that will enhance your business and not hurt it!

Responding to positive or negative reviews determine how your potential customers will perceive you. Responding to positive reviews sounds a lot easier, but you need to come across as genuine and authentic. It is best to personalize your responses, instead of repeating generic phrases. “We’re glad you are satisfied with your new roof,” probably isn't the best response. Of course you want to be polite and thank them for their business but personalizing your response makes you look authentic and caring - “We are so glad you went with the cedar roofing system. It covers your home nicely. We hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!”.

When handling negative reviews, you need to be able to respond in a calm and collected tone. Remember, your response is not only going to the negative reviewer, but to anyone who will read your company reviews. Politely and professionally respond to the customer; speak to the problem they complained about; and, find a way to make it right. Communication is key. Keep your response short; be specific to the problem and try to take it offline by having them call you directly. In the chance that the problem is resolved, we recommend asking them to edit their original review to a positive one or add an updated review, showing that you resolved the problem. It never hurts to ask!

When responding to any online reviews, here are a couple of things to consider:

  1. Respond Promptly: Unanswered reviews are perceived as if you are not prioritizing your customers and their experience with your services.

  2. Decide on an internal employee or your marketing department (Warp & Woof Media) to be responsible for responding to reviews in a timely manner. Have at least one backup person and make sure they can handle adversity with careful and thoughtful responses.

  3. Track your Reviews: You can identify a lot of areas for improvement or promotion by listening to your company feedback.

How you and your roofing company respond to positive and negative reviews will determine how well your business performs and how well your customers perceive it. How they see you is one of the most important parts of running your business.

A handy tip from Warp & Woof Media: Never mislead customers by posting fake reviews. According to the Federal Trade Commission, all paid reviews need to be disclosed, and when disclosed, dilutes the value of the review. The FTC takes this seriously and it is their job to rid the online marketplace of unfair and deceptive marketing. They have the legal authority to issue fines and shut down businesses for fraudulent online endorsements and reviews. Reviews must be based on authentic, real life experiences. Increase your Roofing Company's positive, customer reviews and sales by offering your top-notch roofing services and customer service. Call Warp & Woof to help you sort through your reviews. We can help you promote the five-star comments and help you respond to any negative customer reviews. Call Warp & Woof today.

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Antion Roofing and gutters
Antion Roofing and gutters
25 May 2022

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