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Warp & Woof Agency,  A Digital Marketing Agency in Milton, Georgia

Our Packages

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Not all small business advertising needs are the same. Warp & Woof Agency offers affordable, customized packages with tiers of service designed with your specific goals and needs in mind. Each package is centered around our drive to build a strong foundation for your success as we continually work to earn your trust, each and every day. 

Depending on the developmental stage or sales level of your small business, Warp & Woof Agency has identified specific advertising agency services needed for those common levels of growth and milestones. We developed four basic marketing packages that can be built upon each milestone and customized to grow with your small business needs:


  • Foundation Package

  • Spotlight Package

  • Bridge Package

  • Keystone Package

The Foundation Package is designed for start-ups in Milton, Alpharetta and North Fulton, who might be looking for a graphic artist to develop their company logo, or a website designer to build their website to legitimize their business to local customers. 

The Spotlight Package is designed for small businesses that already have a logo and website, but they are looking to bring more traffic to their website, gain new followers, engage with a new audience, and increase leads. They are in need of a Digital Marketing Agency to help with their SEM (Search Engine Marketing), with paid advertising like Google search advertising, and Adword Campaigns. 

The Bridge Package is designed for small businesses that are ready to begin engaging with their customers, promoting their brand, growing by reaching out to new audiences, and promoting their brand with social media campaigns and online content. They need a Social Media Agency to provide engaging and relevant content to generate leads and stay connected to their customers. 

The Keystone Package is our top-tier marketing package designed for small businesses that are in need of a full-service, Local Advertising Agency to manage all of their advertising needs! If you're a small business owner, think of it as having your own, in-house Marketing Agency - we handle it all! 

Although our featured marketing packages are designed for milestones, they can all be customized and curated to fit the needs of your small business no matter your location.


Check out all of our marketing packages below and contact Warp & Woof to create your customized marketing plan! 

Every business owner needs a company logo, brand & website. Warp & Woof Agency can help you get started on the right path!

Warp & Woof Media Logo Design & Website Design

You have your logo, brand & website. Now you're ready to take the next step. Let Warp & Woof Agency increase your visibility in search engine results. We'll get you noticed online!

Warp & Woof Media SEO Ad Agency

Eyes are on your website, now let's increase your presence online. Warp & Woof Agency is ready to become your own, in-house marketing team!

Warp & Woof Media Digital Marketing Agency

Warp & Woof Agency can help you reach all of your top goals and targets with our top-tier marketing package! We handle it all! 

Warp & Woof Media Ad Agency for Small Businesses
Foundation Package
Spotlight Package
Bridge Package
Keystone Package
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