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Blog| Are you tired of being solicited by guerrilla marketing tactic SEO agencies?

If you have great reviews but you are not showing up in searches, you will eventually be contacted by an umpteen of SEO guerrilla marketers! Now, hear me out, yes, absolutely you need to make sure you are being found on Google* and search engines! However, you don’t need to be bombarded with a gazillion phone calls ringing off the hook, emails or texts scaring you to use their services, expensive services! At Warp & Woof Media we try to make sure those kind of phone calls and emails are at a minimal.

* There are other search engines out there however, Google is the largest and best known so we use it to simplify our explanation. Stay tuned for an informative blog on search engines!

A lot of our clients entrust us to develop and design their company websites. It is up to us to make sure their sites are being found by Google and all their pages are optimized with keywords and descriptions. If Warp & Woof Media did not create their site, we provide our clients the same amount of attention to their SEO strategies. We will comb through all their existing pages and get them found online!

In the advertising world, SEO can be a little boring and time consuming! And can be very overwhelming! However, at Warp & Woof Media, there is no better feeling than having our clients online presence improve with our continual tweaking and optimizations. We are motivated by the reward/sacrifice dynamics by providing our clients a great SEO strategy that requires dedicated routine time and creative SEO writing skills. The reward is when our clients don’t know exactly how we did it, but their phones are now ringing off the hook with customers and not SEO guerrilla marketers!

From a design aspect, your site should look modern and streamlined. However, you still need to have enough relevant content on your pages so you will be recognized by Google as the best information source to serve their inquiring users. At Warp & Woof Media, we understand this challenge. Not only do we provide great looking sites, we provide optimized SEO pages.

So you might ask what really is SEO? And why is it important to my business?

What really is SEO? S.E.O. — Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. To simplify, it is a process in which you put into place to help your website rank higher in searches on Google and other search engines. Meaning, your website comes up to the top of a search and your chances of a user clicking on your website. The process includes many strategic steps of action by incorporating relevant keywords in your website’s pages, titling each of your websites pages, describing each page in detail about what makes your business unique, and much more.

When users look for information on Google, they are shown two kinds of results: organic (determined by your SEO) and paid. The paid results are advertisements — companies pay to have their websites show up for certain queries.

Think of Google as a matchmaker. It is Google’s job to serve the best most relevant information to their users. When a user enters a query, Google finds the best websites that they can recommend to the user who will find its content useful and Wa-La, a match is made.

Based only on a few keywords, Google tries to understand a searcher’s intent and display the websites that will best solve their problem, answer their question, or offer what they are looking for.

So then you might ask, why is this important to my business?

Because showing up higher in search engine results means more people will find your website, learn about your business, buy your products, or use your services. Which equates to more sales! There are more than one billion, yes billion, websites online today! You can see why the competition is fierce on Google and other search engines! So, investing time in your site’s SEO is a must!

The Key to SEO Success: Patience

Keep in mind, improving your online ranking will take time. So, if the guerrilla SEO marketer tries to promise you they can get your website to show up first on the first page with a couple of tricks up their sleeve, they are lying to you! Organic SEO is a marathon and not a sprint.

They cannot outsmart Google’s algorithms. Even the best SEO experts in the world cannot magically make your site show up first for a given search phrase. It takes time for bots to index sites, gather data and understand new links and increased traffic to place your site higher up on SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

That elusive first page is attainable and small businesses can outrank major competitors however, they need to dedicate their time and energy to it.

But, like most of our clients, they are too busy trying to run their small business. If you are one of those small business owners who need help with their websites’s SEO, give Warp & Woof Media a call. You will be glad you did! 678-471-8811


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